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Title - South Dakota Appraiser Certification Program

Important Announcements

Email and Address Changes Must Be Reported

It is important that any email and address changes be reported to the Appraiser Certification Program as timely as possible. For appraisal management companies, the changes are to be reported to our office within five days of the change. For appraisers, it is to be immediately upon any change of residential or business address, along with the email address, if available.

Notice of Public Hearing to Adopt Rules

A public hearing will be held on Nov. 5, 2015 beginning at 10 a.m. CDT to consider the adoption and amendment of proposed rules listed below. The hearing will be held in the Appraiser Certification Program Conference Room, 308 S. Pierre St., Pierre, SD. See the full Notice of Public Hearing to Adopt Rules (Adobe PDF format).

20:14:04:15, 20:14:05:01.01, 20:14:05:03.01, 20:14:05:04, 20:14:05:07.03, 20:14:06:01, 20:14:07:01, 20:14:11:03, and 20:14:12:04, inclusive

See the Proposed Rules (Adobe PDF format*).

Allied Business Schools, Inc. Discontinues Course Offerings

Effective September 22, 2015, Allied Business Schools, Inc. will no longer be offering qualifying or continuing education course for South Dakota.

Notice of Fee Increases

Effective July 1, 2015 fees will be increasing for appraiser new applications, renewals and upgrades; reciprocity applications; and temporary permit applications. Beginning July 1, the new fee schedule will be published on our Fees Web page.

"New" Appraisal Experience Log Form

A new Appraisal Experience Log (Log) form was adopted and put into service on April 1, 2015.

The form is utilized for verification of appraisal assignments and acceptable appraisal experience hours to ensure experience requirements have been met by appraisers seeking to upgrade to a higher appraiser classification or for new applicants claiming experience and applying for a certified or licensed appraiser classification.

Beginning on or before June 1, 2015, appraisal experience must be documented using the new Log form. Instructions for completion are included in the file. (Please note this form is unavailable on the State of South Dakota On-line Forms.)

You may submit the Log that you have completed using the “old” log form for experience claimed prior to June 1, 2015. Only the new Appraisal Experience Log form will be accepted for assignments and experience hours claimed on or after June 1, 2015.

Revisions to Administrative Rules Regarding Real Estate Appraisers

Revisions to ARSD 20:14 become effective June 29, 2015. Changes include:

  • Requires three years of experience as a South Dakota reciprocal appraiser in order to be a supervisory appraiser.
  • Requires a supervisory appraiser to sign the certification.
  • Adds a provision for limited exemption of qualifications for candidates for appraiser licensing, certification or registration called to active duty in the military.
  • Requires applicants for state-registered appraiser classification to complete a Department education program prior to issuance of the registration.
  • Clarifies records to be retained by appraisers and made available to the Department.
  • Increases application, temporary practice, renewal and upgrade fees for licensed and certified appraiser classifications.
  • Adds probation and limit of scope of practice to the disciplinary actions permitted.
  • Clarifies when filing a complaint against another appraiser rises to the level of violation of the rules.
  • Changes 'state of domicile' to 'home state' for reciprocal applicants.
  • Requires continuing education for reciprocal licensees that move to South Dakota.

Revisions to Law Regarding Real Estate Appraisers

Revisions to South Dakota Codified Law 36-21B Licensing Real Estate Appraisers will become effective July 1, 2014. Changes include:

  • New applicants for appraiser certification, licensure and registration must undergo a state and federal criminal background investigation and fingerprinting by the Division of Criminal Investigation and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
  • Denial of any applicant for appraiser certification, licensure or registration if:
    • The applicant has had an appraiser certificate or license revoked in the previous five years by another jurisdiction;
    • The applicant has been convicted of a felony in the previous five years or at any time if the felony involved fraud, dishonesty, a breach of trust, or money laundering; and
    • The applicant fails to demonstrate character and general fitness which warrants the confidence of the community unless it is determined that the applicant will operate honestly, fairly and efficiently.

Notice to appraisers about not getting paid from AMCs for services

Changes to Real Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria

Changes to the Real Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria effective January 1, 2015 were adopted by The Appraisal Foundation.

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