Department of Labor and Revenue

Title - South Dakota Appraiser Certification Program

Supervised Experience

State-Registered Appraiser

In order for a state-registered appraiser to be able to claim appraisal experience credit for an assignment requiring a supervisory appraiser, the individual must:

  • Report the name of each endorsed supervisory appraiser to the Department by submitting an Application to Register Supervisory Appraiser/Supervisory Agreement (in Adobe. pdf format*) before any supervision occurs.
  • Maintain an Appraisal Experience Log (Microsoft Excel format) that includes each appraisal performed. (Separate logs must be maintained for each supervisory appraiser.)
  • Complete the Department of Labor & Regulation Appraiser Certification Program's course entitled "Training Course for Supervisory Appraisers and State-Registered Appraisers" before supervision begins.

State-registered appraisers are responsible for affirming the Department's supervisory appraiser/state-registered applicant registration. For confirmation, see Supervisory Appraisers & State-Registered Appraisers Log.

You must notify the Department in writing when you cease to be associated with a supervisory appraiser.

Training Course for State-Registered Appraisers

Both the state-registered appraiser and the supervisory appraiser must attend and successfully complete the Department of Labor & Regulation, Appraiser Certification Program's approved course entitled: "Training Course for Supervisory Appraisers and State-Registered Appraisers" before supervision begins. (NOTE: This is the only course that satisfies this requirement.)

Visit for course offering information. Verification of successful completion must be submitted to the Department.

Becoming a Supervisory Appraiser

See Supervisory Appraiser for more information on the requirements to become a supervisory appraiser.

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