Department of Labor and Revenue

Title - South Dakota Appraiser Certification Program

Supervisory Appraisers

Supervisory appraisers must be State-Certified Residential or State-Certified General appraisers who have satisfied the requirements of a supervisory appraiser.

Requirements of a Supervisory Appraiser:

  • Be endorsed by the Department as a Supervisory Appraiser.
  • Be in good standing in this state of any other jurisdiction in which the appraiser is certified.
  • Have knowledge and experience in the types of appraisal assignments that he or she is supervising.
  • Have a minimum of three years appraisal experience as a state-certified residential or state-certified general appraiser.
  • Successfully complete the Department of Labor and Regulation, Appraiser Certification Program's course entitled "Training Course for Supervisory Appraisers and State-Registered Appraisers" before supervision begins. (If a supervisory appraiser has not actively supervised or has not been an approved supervisory appraiser within the past three years after the training course is successfully completed, he/she must complete the course again.)

To become an endorsed supervisory appraiser you must:

  • Complete, submit and receive approval of a Supervisory Endorsement form.
  • Submit a nonrefundable fee of $150.00.
  • Submit verification of completion of the Training Course for Supervisory Appraisers and State-Registered Appraisers (if completed). (Supervision cannot begin until completion of this course.)

You are responsible for affirming the Department's supervisory appraiser/state-registered applicant registration. For confirmation, see Supervisory Appraisers & State-Registered Appraisers Log.

A maximum of three state-registered appraisers may be supervised at one time.


Supervisory appraisers will be required to renew their supervisory appraiser status yearly on a renewal application form (valid July through March 31) provided by the Secretary along with the prescribed $100 renewal fee. The renewal application and fee must be submitted no later than August 17 of each year. The endorsement period is from October 1 through September 30 of the following year.

If you do not renew your supervisory appraiser endorsement and it expires on September 30, you have until March 31 of the following year in order to renew your endorsement with a $25 late penalty fee for each month or fraction of a month that has passed since October 1. [Administrative Rule of South Dakota (ARSD) 20:14:100:04].

Training Course for Supervisory Appraisers

Both the supervisory appraiser and state-registered appraiser being supervised must attend and successfully complete the Department of Labor & Regulation, Appraiser Certification Program's approved course entitled: "Training Course for Supervisory Appraisers and State-Registered Appraisers" before supervision begins. (NOTE: This is the only course that satisfies this requirement.)

Visit for course offering information. Verification of successful completion must be submitted to the Department.

This training course is awarded four hours of continuing education credit.


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