Department of Labor and Regulation

Title - South Dakota Cosmetology Commission

Booth Rental License

A booth is an "independent person salon within a salon." All laws and rules for a salon apply to a booth. One person at a physical location must have the salon license; the other person(s) then may have the booth license(s) if they are independents.

  1. A booth licensee is a booth renter or independent contractor.
  2. A booth licensee needs a personal license also (either cosmetologist, nail technician or esthetician license).
  3. The booth license and personal license must be displayed in the working area of the booth when licensee is working.
  4. Each booth must have a station with its own closed clean containers for clean towels/linens and storage of disinfected equipment used in direct contact with each patron. The booth must have its own closed container for "used" towels/linens and equipment.
  5. Each booth license must maintain an area (example: a cabinet) for storage of harmful supplies in a separate room not used by or readily accessible to the public. All storage should be labeled with the booth licensee's name.
  6. Each booth must have a first-aid kit readily accessible and containing small adhesive bandages, latex exam gloves, gauze and antiseptic. A copy of the blood spill instructions must be by or in the kit.
  7. Each booth must have one or more wet sanitizers to immerse all the working booth licensee's instruments.
  8. Each nail booth must have a closed waste receptacle and mechanical air purification system.
  9. A booth licensee must have a South Dakota sales tax license.
    (Call 800.829.9188.)
  10. In South Dakota booth licensees may share the following with other licensees in the salon:
  • reception areas
  • restroom facilities
  • fire extinguisher for each 1,500 square feet of space
  • displayed health, safety, and sanitary rules
  • displayed "unregulated services" sign
  • ventilation system for total area
  1. We do not require this, but suggest a contract between the owner and booth renter. Check with a lawyer or CPA. If you wish further information, one source is SalonOvations' Staffing Policies & Procedures by Beverly Kilmer, Milady Publishing. Your local library should be able to obtain a copy.
  2. Be aware that the Internal Revenue Service may have additional requirements of booth/independent renters.

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