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Title - South Dakota Cosmetology Commission

Instructor Continuing Education

Instructors must attend an Instructors' Seminar to renew their instructor's licenses. The Instructors' Seminar formerly offered annually by the Commission is no longer offered. Instructors are directed to instead complete a course pre-approved by the Commission on teaching methods from an educational provider such as a university or an online course. All online courses offered through Milady Faculty Development (Milady Learning) have been approved. Once you have completed an approved course you need to send in the certificate of completion and a $35 verification fee.

In order to renew a senior instructor license, you must attend an approved 12-clock-hour education course each year and complete the course before your license renewal date.

The course must have approval from the Commission office before you take it. Course approval decisions will be given at a regularly scheduled Commission meeting before the license expires.

After the course is completed and before your license expires, you must send the Commission all of the following information:

  • course title
  • dates and times course was presented
  • length of course (number of hours not including lunch breaks) or total credits
  • course description such as syllabus or outline
  • sponsoring school
  • an official transcript or certificate from the school
  • your renewal fee, if necessary
  • $35 verification fee payment

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Qualified Providers/Courses

Approved course providers might be:

  • the South Dakota Cosmetology Commission or other state cosmetology boards
  • public or private colleges, universities or technical schools
  • MiladyLearning Faculty Development online courses (Each course is recognized as 30 hours.)

A qualified course must be a minimum of 12 education clock hours in length and should deal with teaching methods, such as:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Management
  • Motivation
  • Lesson planning
  • Dealing with people
  • Planning skills
  • Ethics
  • Retention of students
  • Preparing presentations
  • Speaking in public
  • Communication skills
  • Dealing with cultural differences
  • Crisis management
  • Time management
  • Listening skills
  • Assertiveness skills
  • Leadership
  • Dealing with discipline

Unapproved Providers/Courses

Providers unlikely to receive approval are cosmetology schools (unless they are part of a state-approved instructor-license program required by that state), individual educators, beauty shows or beauty product companies.

Courses unlikely to receive approval are business skills courses on typing, keyboarding or speed reading, orientation courses through beauty schools, courses through beauty schools that do not offer instructor training or normal business meetings.

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