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Code Guidance

  • 210.52 & 20:44:22:23 If the back of a cabinet(s) is butted up to a studded wall, it is not considered an island or peninsula. Therefore the requirements in 210.52 pertain. (Note: recommend to install a circuit to be available for future utilization where not required.)
  • 210.8 GFCI and AFCI receptacles in cabinets are considered readily acceptable unless behind an appliance.
  • 210.8 A 10 - Guidance is to treat washing machine like a sink in a laundry area.
  • 210.12, Art. 100 and 90.4 - Specialty resort installations containing the 4 elements of a dwelling unit will be required to utilize AFCIs. (Permanent provisions for living, sleeping, cooking and sanitation).
  • 210.12 A - AFCI is not required for 120V furnace circuit.
  • 210.12 A - Outlets or devices which would include switches are required to be AFCI protected.
  • 250.52 UFFER Ground - required to be connected to foundation or footing.
  • 445.13 - The exception clarifies generators with breakers can be derated at 100 percent.
  • (406).2 and .12 Tamper resistant receptacles
    • 7 and under rooms
    • Common areas
      Examples: lunchroom, hallways, gym, library
  • 680.42c - Any feeder to a spa or hot tub must be wired in accordance to 680.42c.
    • The feeder from a panel inside a building or dwelling to a remote hot tub panel must have an insulated grounding conductor.
  • 702.4B2 - Utilize this article when sizing a generator utilizing an automatic transfer switch.
  • Shunt trip breakers for “Machine Roomless” passenger elevators may be located in the elevator or in the building machine room


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