Department of Labor and Revenue

Title - South Dakota Plumbing Commission

Licensing Examinations

The State Plumbing Commission administers and establishes educational, training and examination requirements for

  • Plumbing contractor, journeyman and apprentices.
  • Sewer and water contractor, installer and apprentices.
  • Appliance contractor, installer and apprentices.
  • Water conditioning contractor, installer and apprentices.
  • Mobile home contractor, installer and apprentices.
  • Underground irrigation contractor, installer and apprentices.

Exams are held in Pierre, SD at any time by advance appointment. Exams are also held in Sioux Falls, SD and Rapid City, SD but not on specific pre-set dates. They are held in these locations when the office has received enough applicants to warrant travel to those sites. (Eight to 10 applicants is minimum to warrant travel to those sites.)

Fee Schedule (first-time exam)

Appliance Installation Contractor
Appliance Installation Installer
Irrigation Contractor
Irrigation Installer
Journeyman Plumber
Mobile Home Contractor
Mobile Home Installer
Plumbing Contractor
Restricted Plumbing Contractor
Restricted Journeyman Plumber
Restricted Sewer & Water Contractor
Restricted Sewer & Water Installer
Sewer & Water Contractor
Sewer & Water Installer
Temporary Permit
Water Conditioning Contractor
Water Conditioning Installer $155.00
All Apprentices

ADA Policy

The Plumbing Commission strives to ensure that no one is deprived of the opportunity to take an examination solely by reason of a disability. We will provide reasonable accommodations for applicants with disabilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Wheelchair access is available at the Commission office, as well as other designated exam sites. If you require wheelchair access, you must let us know prior to testing. If you have visual, sensory or physical disabilities that prevent you from taking the examination under standard conditions, you may request special accommodations and arrangements.

You must submit acceptable documentation of disability and a proposal for accommodation to the Commission for consideration. This material must be received in the Commission office prior to testing.

Acceptable documentation must:

  • Be submitted by a physician, mental health professional or other professional appropriate to the disability.
  • Be a letter or written statement on the professional's letterhead and include his or her address and phone number.
  • Include a fully completed copy of the Application for Disability Accommodations (Adobe .pdf format*)

You must submit a specific proposal for accommodations as it relates to the disability. Please include information regarding any accommodations for the disability which you may have received in the past.

*Opening and printing Adobe .pdf files requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here as needed to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Marcia Hultman, Secretary
123 W. Missouri Ave.
Pierre, SD 57501-4505
Tel. 605.773.3101
Fax. 605.773.6184