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Failed Inspections

The failed inspections are grouped by city, then listed alphabetically below. Select the name of the salon, booth or school of interest for a report (in Adobe PDF format) on the failed inspection. Reports on failed inspections from January 2016 forward are available below. For information on failed inspections prior to that time, contact the Commission office.

Please note: Depending on the type and extent of the violations found during a failed inspection, a follow-up inspection is not always required. In some cases, the salon, booth or school can provide documentation to the Commission to verify the abatement of an issue (such as purchasing a fire extinguisher to have on the premises, or the renewal of an expired license) to have the license reinstated without a follow-up inspection. In those cases, the table below will simply have a date in the "Date of Passed Inspection" column, with no linked report from a follow-up inspection. If there were extensive or certain vital issues (such as those related to disinfection) during the initial inspection, a follow-up inspection is required. In those cases, the "Date of Passed Inspection" in the table below will be linked to the report from the follow-up inspection. Per policy set by the Commission (see July 14, 2017 meeting minutes, Adobe PDF format), inspection failures due to expired licenses or having no first aid kit or fire extinguisher available are posted below for one year; all other inspection failures will remain listed below indefinitely.
For more information, contact the Commission office.

Failed Inspections by City

Aberdeen Huron Redfield
Brandon Kadoka Sioux Falls
Brookings Lemmon Spearfish
Clark Midland Valley Springs
Canistota Milbank Vermillion
Deadwood Miller Watertown
Dell Rapids Mitchell White Lake
Garretson Newell Yankton
Gregory Pierre  
Hartford Pukwana
Hayti Rapid City  
Name of Salon/Booth/School Date of Failed Inspection Reason for Failed Inspection Date of Passed Inspection
Great Clips Salon 05/03/2017 Technical - Expired License
Janice Badger Booth 07/12/2017 Technical - Expired License
Mary Bergjord Booth 11/17/2016 Technical - Expired License
Nails Club Salon 08/16/2017 Reinspection required - Sanitation 09/20/2017
Professional Hair Design Salon 11/17/2016 Technical - Expired License
Revive Day Spa Salon 05/03/2017 Technical - Expired Licenses
Salon Remix 05/31/2017 Technical - Expired License
Tip and Toe Nails Salon 05/03/2017 Reinspection required 05/31/2017
7th Avenue Hair Salon 05/04/2016 Reinspection required 05/26/2016
Alison Statema Booth 10/27/2016 Technical - Expired License
Love That Look Salon 02/15/2017 Technical - Expired License
Nancy Bahr Booth 02/15/2017 Technical - Expired License
B. Beautiful 04/04/2017 Technical - Fire Extinguisher
Nail City Salon 05/04/2017 Reinspection required 07/18/2017
Shear Magic Salon 04/04/2017 Technical - Expired License
Ponderview Salon 08/20/2017 Technical - Expired License
Hair N Stuff 01/12/2017 Reinspection required 02/01/2017
05/12/2016 Reinspection required 06/16/2016
Roetell Senior Housing Salon 12/02/2016 Technical - Expired License
Total Image Salon 01/12/2017 Reinspection required 02/01/2017
05/12/2016 Reinspection required 06/16/2016
Chris Cuts It Salon 07/18/2017 Technical - Expired License
Dell Rapids
Classic Designs Salon 04/20/2016 Went out of business.
02/27/2017 Went out of business.
Lauries Salon 10/27/2016 Technical - Expired License
Backroads Salon 10/27/2016 Technical - Expired License
Shear Creations Salon 04/26/2017 Reinspection required 05/11/2017
Salon Eileen 04/05/2017 Technical - Expired License
Karen's Beauty Salon 11/15/2016 Technical - Fire Extinguisher
New Beginnings Salon 06/15/2017 Technical - Fire Extinguisher
Star Nails 09/08/2016 Reinspection required 09/21/2016
Stoneybrook Suites Salon 09/22/2017 Technical - Expired License
Deidra Zentner Booth 02/14/2017 Technical - Expired License
Main Street Salon 02/14/2017 Technical - Expired License
Judys Beauty Salon 04/20/2017 Technical - Expired License
Creations Galore Salon 06/29/2017 Technical - Expired License
Mirror Perfections 05/16/2017 Technical - Fire Extinguisher
Sa "Hair" Rah Salon 09/07/2017 Technical - Expired License
Sharon Lingscheit Booth 01/18/2017 Technical - Expired License
Adorn Boutique 10/11/2017 Reinspection required  
Countryside Living Salon 10/04/2017 Technical - License not posted
Hollywood Style Salon 04/13/2017 Reinspection required 05/11/2017
Melanie Suelflow Booth 04/13/2017 Technical - Expired License
Prestige Hair Designs 07/05/2017 Technical - Expired License
Shear Madness Salon 04/13/2017 Technical - Expired License
Tory Mohnen Booth 07/05/2017 Technical - Expired License
Hair It Up Salon 11/01/2016 Technical - Expired License
Elixir Hair Studio 07/28/2017 Technical - Expired License
Lacy Walker Booth 06/30/2017 Reinspection required - Sanitation  
Karla's Beauty Salon 06/28/2017 Technical - Expired License
Rapid City
Angela Torres Booth 05/04/2017 Technical - Expired License
Boulevard Hair Design Salon 02/21/2017 Technical - Expired License
Dimensions Inc Salon & Spa 11/10/2016 Technical - Expired License
Hair By Georgia Salon 07/06/2017 Technical - Expired License
J Leone Hair Boutique Salon 05/04/2017 Technical - License not posted
Jessica Blake Booth 02/21/2017 Technical - Expired License
Jill Trevaskis Booth 10/04/2017 Technical - Expired License
Justina Moffitt Booth 03/30/2017 Technical - Expired License
Kneaded Massage Salon 09/18/2017 Technical - Expired License
Magic Touch Beauty Salon 10/04/2017 Technical - Expired License
Noelle Johnson Booth 01/21/2016 Reinspection required - Sanitation 07/05/2016
Regal Nail Spa Salon LLC 04/22/2016 Technical - Unlicensed worker  
Scott Whitesell Salon/In Your Corner Salon 02/21/2017 Technical - Expired License
Simply Elite Hair Boutique 11/30/2016 Technical - Expired License
The Best Little Hair House 05/31/2016 Technical - Expired License
Main St. Spa Salon 10/05/2016 Technical - Expired License
Sioux Falls
Abigale Kohler Booth 12/19/2016 Technical - Expired License
Agape Salon and Spa 02/18/2016 Reinspection required - Sanitation 03/15/2016
Ali Sorenson Booth 08/01/2017 Technical - License not posted
Chameleon Hair Design Salon 10/17/2016 Technical - Expired Licenses
Cha Nails Salon 01/29/2017 Reinspection required - Technical and Sanitation 02/08/2017
02/23/2016 Technical - Expired License
Envy Nails and Spa Salon 01/29/2017
Technical - Expired License
03/24/2016 Reinspection required - Unlicensed worker 04/12/2016
Hair Crossing Salon
(now Washington Crossing Salon)
07/20/2017 Technical - Expired License
(Washington Crossing) Re-inspection required - No License Present
Jodi Yasgar Booth 10/17/2016 Technical - Expired License
Kristen Harkema Booth 10/17/2016 Technical - Expired License
La Nails Salon 11/03/2016 Reinspection required - Sanitation 11/17/2016
Melissa Vincent Booth 12/15/2016 Technical - Expired License
Michelle Claey Booth 05/11/2016 Reinspection required - Sanitation 05/25/2016
Nail Spa Salon 01/12/2016 Reinspection required - Sanitation 01/26/2016
Nail Spa 09/28/2017 Reinspection required - Sanitation 10/11/2017
Nails Art Salon 04/23/2016 Reinspection required - Unlicensed workers 05/10/2016
Nail Studio Salon 11/03/2016 Reinspection required - Sanitation 11/17/2016
Nicole Wood Booth 10/17/2016 Technical - Expired License
Revelations Salon 09/06/2017 Reinspection required - Sanitation 09/26/17
Sandra Johnson Booth 09/06/2017 Reinspection required - Sanitation 09/26/2017
Simply Nails Salon 05/11/2016 Reinspection required - Sanitation 05/25/2016
South Grove Salon 07/18/2017 Reinspection required - Sanitation 08/01/2017
Star Nails Salon 06/02/2016 Reinspection required - Sanitation and unlicensed worker 06/22/2016
Tina Bott Booth 10/03/2016 Technical - Expired License
Davi Nails #1543 Salon 03/07/2017 Technical - Expired License
Pretty Nails Salon 04/13/2017 Reinspection required - Unlicensed workers Salon closed
Shannon Timmer Booth 04/13/2017 Technical - Expired License
Studio N Salon 04/13/2017 Technical - Expired License
Urban Hair Salon 04/13/2017 Technical - Expired License
Just for Looks Salon 07/11/2017 Technical - Expired License
Cobe Nails Salon 08/07/2017 Reinspection required - Sanitation 08/30/2017
Samantha Nelson Booth 08/07/2017 Technical - License not posted
Vermillion Beauty Salon 06/22/2017 Technical - Fire Extinguisher
Valley Springs
Kaye's Cut & More 04/06/2017 Technical - Fire Extinguisher
Candace Cordell Booth 07/06/2017 Technical - Expired License
Nails Club Salon 04/14/2016 Reinspection required - Sanitation and unlicensed worker 05/12/2016
Taylor Ronke Booth 06/01/2016 Reinspection required - Sanitation 06/16/2016
White Lake
Sassie Spur Salon 10/26/2016 Technical - Expired License
Best Nails Salon 04/08/2016 Reinspection required - Sanitation and unlicensed workers 03/16/2017
Cutting Crew Salon, The 10/03/2017 Reinspection required 11/04/2017
Linda Maclauchlin Keen Booth 08/23/2017 Technical - Expired License
Ronni Pospisil Booth 10/03/2017 Technical - License not posted