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Automobile Insurance — Hail Damage

If your automobile receives hail damage, the insurance company is obligated to repair your automobile to the extent it is returned to the condition it was in prior to the damage.

Paintless dent repair can be appropriate for some damage, but in some cases the damage is too severe for this method of repair and conventional body repair may be necessary.

If paintless dent repair is not available locally and the damage is too severe for this method of repair, the insurance company is obligated to settle your claim based on conventional methods of repair.

Unless the insurance company has some special language in your policy, the amount necessary to repair your car or the value of your vehicle must be paid.

The company can not pay you differently based upon whether you fix the car, unless there is specific language in the policy allowing the company to do so.

When the insurance company totals a vehicle and agrees to pay you for it, the company becomes the owner of the vehicle. If you wish to keep the car, the company will reduce the amount of your check by what had been determined to be its value with the damages. You do not have to come up with the money to buy the vehicle back. If you do not want to keep the vehicle, you will have to sign the title over to them.



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