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What to Do Before a Flood

Check Your Policy

Make sure all information is correct, including information about your mortgage company. If you have refinanced with a company other than the one shown on your policy, call your insurance agent or company representative immediately

Secure Important Papers

Important insurance papers should be kept in a safe place, preferably in a bank safe deposit box. Be sure your papers include contact information for your agent or company, important receipts, your flood insurance policy and documentation on your personal property and contents of your home. Keep copies in your home or business in the safest, most accessible place possible that is not subject to flooding.

Having this detailed documentation will make filing your claim much easier. If flood waters carry away your property, this list and the photos/receipts will be important to documenting your loss.

Talk to Your Insurance Agent

Call your insurance agent or company representative and discuss the particular requirements for reporting a flood claim. These can vary from company, so knowing how to proceed can save a lot of effort later.

Remember, after a flood it may be difficult to get in touch with your agent or insurance company. Power and phone service may be interrupted, or phone lines may be overwhelmed with other callers. It will benefit you to know just what to do in advance of flooding.

Plan an Emergency Contact

After a flood, you may be unable to stay in your home or to be contacted at your home address and phone number. Share an emergency contact — address and phone number — with your insurance agent and family so you can be reached.

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