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Stolen Items

Your homeowner's insurance policy automatically extends coverage to personal property; however, certain items of personal property are subject to limitations which are stated in the policy.

For example, your homeowner's insurance policies provide $2,000 limit for loss of firearms. You may increase the theft limit for firearms by specifically listing your guns on your homeowner's policy with a specific amount for each gun, representing its appraised value. There is a minimal additional premium charged for this coverage.

Almost all auto and homeowner's policies exclude coverage for any losses of tapes, disks and other sound transmitting or receiving equipment used in an automobile. Some insurance companies will provide coverage for these items for an additional premium. Check with your agent to determine if coverage can be purchased for the stereo, tapes and disks used in your automobile.

Most homeowner's policies limit the amount of theft coverage they will pay for certain items such as jewelry, furs and guns. You will need to read your policy to determine what the limit is. However, most insurance companies offer an endorsement for an additional premium which allows you to schedule (list the items individually and their value) your personal property. You may need to provide the company with an appraisal of the jewelry.

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