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Non-Resident Producers

To obtain a non-resident producer license you must be licensed and in good standing in your home state as a resident producer.

We verify your licensing status, your lines of authority, your continuing education (CE) compliance and any prior administrative actions by accessing the NAIC Producer Registry online.

You may complete your application online at Sircon or and pay electronically ($30 plus service fee).

You do not need to send your application to a sponsoring insurance company.

If you are a resident producer in any state that currently subscribes to the NAIC Producer Registry you will not need to submit a home state certification.

Non-resident producers are exempt from continuing education requirements in South Dakota. You only need to comply with continuing education requirements in your home state.

South Dakota does not require pre-licensing education. If you apply for a new resident producer license within 90 days of the termination of the license in your home state, you will not have to complete insurance exams in this state.

No person is required to be licensed as a producer if his activities are limited to securing and furnishing information for the purpose of group life insurance, group annuities, group or blanket accident and health insurance, or for the purpose of enrolling individuals under such plans or administering such plans. This exemption is only applicable for true group insurance plans in which an employer sponsors such plan and employees are provided the option of enrolling in that plan. If you sell, solicit or negotiate insurance coverage in addition to the group benefits offered by the employer, a producer license is required. Group property and casualty insurance is not permitted in South Dakota.

No producer license is required of a producer who is not a resident of this state who sells, solicits or negotiates a contract of insurance for commercial property and casualty risks to an insured with risks located in more than one state insured under that contract, if that person is otherwise licensed as an insurance producer in the state where the insured maintains its principal place of business.

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Non-resident producers renew their license by the end of their birth month every two years. The renewal fees are retaliatory.

The renewal period will open 60 days prior to the end of the renewal deadline.

Renewal Fee

You can check your license expiration online using the License Inquiry Service.

Make certain your email address is current, as all notices will be sent electronically prior to your upcoming renewal. Changes to your email address can be made using Sircon's "Update your email" link.

See our Guidance for Producers Web page for more information that may be helpful.

If you have additional questions please contact us.

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