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Labor Market Information Center

The Labor Market Information Center collects, analyzes and provides to the public information on the labor market of the state. This includes information such as employment levels, unemployment rates, wage and earnings data, estimates of available labor, employment projections, business staffing patterns, career planning information, etc. Among those who use our information are employers, career decision makers, and education, economic development, job placement and training program planners.

The Labor Market Information Center is South Dakota's representative for federal-state cooperative programs with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and therefore has access to and expertise on labor market information for the nation and other states.

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Survey Says graphicWe recently conducted a survey on the Virtual Labor Market Data System available from our website. While employers are its most frequent users, the system offers something for everyone, from educators to job seekers and economic developers to private individuals. The most sought after data is occupational wage data, followed by labor force data (including unemployment rates). Nearly two-thirds of users reported it met their needs extremely well or very well and were extremely satisfied or very satisfied with its ease of use. We invite you to explore today all the system has to offer you! Just use the "Virtual Labor Market Data System" link at the left, second option from the top.



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