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Employee benefits are a significant component of compensation for many workers. The 2010 South Dakota Employee Benefits Survey was conducted by the Labor Market Information Center to further develop an understanding of the benefits offered to employees in South Dakota. The results of this survey are meant to provide helpful information to employers, potential employers, employment training organizations, vocational counselors, workers and job seekers.

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Survey Response

Surveys were sent to nearly 1,700 private employers in South Dakota to collect data on select, commonly-offered benefits. Responses were gathered to generate a 60 percent response rate. The sample of employers surveyed is representative of the size class and industry structure in South Dakota.

Employers were asked to report the number of full- and part-time workers employed by their organization. About 69 percent of the reported employees are full-time, and 31 percent are part-time employees.

The table below gives a breakdown of survey response by industry.

Employee Benefits Survey
Response Rates by Industry
Number Surveyed Number of Responses Response Rate
Mining 12 7 58.3%
Utilities 20 14 70.0%
Construction 118 89 75.4%
Manufacturing 177 131 74.0%
Wholesale Trade 112 68 60.7%
Retail Trade 283 140 49.5%
Transportation and Warehousing 59 36 61.0%
Information 33 16 48.5%
Finance and Insurance 113 62 54.9%
Real Estate and Rental and Leasing 23 13 56.5%
Professional, Scientific and Technical Services 68 44 64.7%
Management of Companies and Enterprises 19 13 68.4%
56 Administrative and Support, and Waste Management and Remediation Services 67 34 50.7%
Educational Services 19 10 52.6%
Health Care and Social Assistance 255 177 69.4%
Arts, Entertainment and Recreation 37 28 75.7%
Accommodation and Food Services 221 110 49.8%
Other Services, except Public Administration 63 40 63.5%

The next table gives a breakdown of survey response by employer size class.

Employee Benefits Survey 
Response Rates by Employer Size
Number of Employees
Number Surveyed Number of Responses Response Rate
Less than 10 employees 392 239 61%
10 to 49 employees 675 421 62%
50 to 99 employees 258 148 57%
100 to 249 employees 277 165 60%
250 or more employees 97 59 61%

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The results of this study are analyzed from two angles: the percent of employers offering benefits and the percent of employees offered benefits. The latter case is weighted by the number employees reported. In other words, a firm employing 250 workers would carry much more weight than a firm with three workers. Since larger firms are more likely to offer benefits, the percent of employees offered a benefit will usually be higher than the percent of employers offering that benefit.

In this analysis, benefits are initially summarized for all reported employers and employees. Benefits are further analyzed based on size class and industry division. The findings of the survey show that employer size and industry have a large impact on the incidence of benefits offered. Typically, the larger the employer, the more likely most benefits will be offered.

A final section summarizes provisions regarding insurances, paid leave and retirement. This data takes a look at the contributory distribution for insurances and retirement, and how many days are typically granted for the different types of leave offered.

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Keep in mind that even though employees are offered certain benefits, they do not always choose to participate in those benefits. For example, health insurance may be offered to an employee, but he/she may choose to participate in the health plan of their spouse's employer instead. For select benefits, employers were questioned regarding the number of employees offered as well as the number participating in the benefit. However, due to space limitations on the survey, this detail was not required for every benefit.

It is also important to note that this publication is not intended to be inclusive of all benefits offered by employers. The data presented summarizes only the customary benefits that were asked about on the survey. Other less common benefits may be available to employees in the state, but are not identified in this publication. Also, some employers report that they offer higher wages in lieu of offering benefits.

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