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Researching the Greening of South Dakota's Economy

The Labor Market Information Center, representing South Dakota as one of six Northern Plains and Rocky Mountain Consortium states, was awarded a Labor Market Information Improvement Grant from the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration (ETA) to maximize the efficiency of the current and future labor market by identifying the major features and trends in labor supply and demand, including occupational characteristics and skills needs associated with the greening of the economy. The Labor Market Information (LMI) research offices in Montana, Nebraska, Iowa, Utah and Wyoming partnered with South Dakota's LMIC on the project. The consortium's work included the use of multiple methodologies to research the green economy, including employer surveys, content analysis of administrative records, employment and training program evaluation, and contracting with academic experts for insight on developing technologies and their potential impact on the demand for labor.

Research completed by South Dakota's Labor Market Information Center included:

The Greening of South Dakota's Economy, a complete report of the research conducted by South Dakota as part of the Northern Plains and Rocky Mountain Cosortium. Download the entire publication (Adobe .pdf format) or individual chapters as listed below. (Please note this publication is out of print and is available only through download.)

Chapter 1, What 'Greening the Economy' Means
Chapter 2, Identifying and Measuring Green Jobs
Chapter 3, Green Jobs Employer Survey Results
Chapter 4, New Hires in Green Industries
Chapter 5, Green Skill Requirements in the Labor Exchange System
Chapter 6, Forecasting Demand for Workers in Green Jobs
Chapter 7, Current Alternative Energy Projects in South Dakota
Chapter 8, New and Emerging Green Business Sectors
Chapter 9, Economic Impact of Renewable and Energy Efficiency Projects
Chapter 10, The Regulated Environment's Impact on Green Jobs
Chapter 11, Planning and Preparing for Green Careers
Appendix A, Green Jobs Employer Survey Form
Appendix B, New Hires Survey Form
Appendix C, Interview Form Used with Department of Environment and Natural Resources Staff
Appendix D, Green Careers Poster
Appendix E, References

Green career opportunities in South Dakota poster - a colorful 11 by 17 inch poster highlighting employment opportunities in new and emerging green occupations and industries. Download and print the poster yourself (11 by 17 inch format) or contact the Labor Market Information Center to order. See additional information on the emerging green occupations featured on the poster.

Regulated Environment's Impact on Green Jobs in South Dakota's Economic Landscape - a publication (available here in Adobe .pdf format) highlighting the findings of a research project completed by the Labor Market Information Center with the cooperation of the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources

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