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Valentine's Day Sweet Stats

As you're deciding what to get those you love for "Happy Hearts Day," do you ever stop and think about what a boost your purchases and those like yours give South Dakota's economy? In honor of Valentine's Day, let's examine some South Dakota industries that help guide Cupid's arrows to their targets.

The numbers of employees and establishments are from the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW), based on workers covered by unemployment insurance in the state. It excludes self-employed and unpaid family workers. Establishments are privately owned. The data are the annual averages for 2012. An ND indicates the data does not meet Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) or state agency disclosure standards.

Sweet Stats on South Dakota Industries and Valentine's Day

Greeting cardsBe mine pie conversation heart candy

Gift, novelty and souvenir stores
   Employees: 762
   Establishments: 122

Or visit a craft or hobby store for supplies to make a handmade card.

Hobby, toy and game stores
   Employees: 414
   Establishments: 37

CandyOnly you conversation heart candy

Nonchocolate confectionery manufacturing
   Employees: 17
   Establishments: 3

Chocolate and confectionery manufacturing
   Employees: 27
   Establishments: 4

Confectionery merchant wholesalers
   Employees: 56
   Establishments: 4Hug me conversation heart candy


   Employees: 299
   Establishments: 77

An evening outDinner and a movie conversation heart candy

Full-service restaurants
   Employees: 13,050
   Establishments: 672

Motion picture theaters, except drive-ins
   Employees: 425
   Establishments: 24

Or if you want to get away for more than a few hours, why not a mini-vacation to a local/area hotel, motel or bed and breakfast?Wanna get away conversation heart candy

Traveler accommodation
   Employees: 8,000
   Establishments: 462


Jewelry stores
   Employees: ND
   Establishments: 53You're a gem conversation heart candy

Jewelry merchant wholesalers
   Employees: 125
   Establishments: 11


Clothing stores
   Employees: 1,942
   Establishments: 219

Gift cards/certificates

You could buy gift cards/certificates in many of the above industries or from a variety of additional places:

Other personal care services (e.g. day spa)Cutie pie conversation heart candy
   Employees: 342
   Establishments: 51

Hardware stores
   Employees: 835
   Establishments: 97

Department stores
   Employees: 4,023
   Establishments: 54

Snack and nonalcoholic beverage bars (e.g. coffee shops, ice cream shops, etc.)
   Employees: 950
   Establishments: 116

All other home furnishings stores (e.g. home furnishing stores, kitchenware stores, etc.)
   Employees: 256
   Establishments: 33

Sporting goods stores
   Employees: 1,241
   Establishments: 89More Sweet Stats

More Sweet Stats for Valentine's Day

Fifty-four percent of Americans (18 years and older) plan to celebrate Valentine's Day in 2014 according to a Valentine's Day spending survey by the National Retail Federation (NRF) and Prosper Insights and Analytics. The survey results indicate Americans will spend $17.3 billion this year on their loved ones.

While sweethearts (spouses and significant others) top the list of recipients, others will feel the love as well.

Bar chart showing recipeients of Valentines by relationshp to giver

More than half of gift-givers will express their affections with greeting cards; almost half will give candy.

Bar chart showing which gifts are most widely given on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Sweet Stats flyer in Adobe .pdf format.

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