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Covered Workers & Annual Pay - 2010 Annual Summary

Professional & Business Services Industry Group

The Professional and Business Services industry group is comprised of the Professional, Scientific and Technical Services industry, the Management of Companies industry, and the Administrative and Support, and Waste Management and Remediation Services industry. Businesses within this industry group perform professional services, hold securities of companies or perform routine support activities for the day-to-day operations of other businesses.

South Dakota Covered Workers and Pay
Professional and Business Services Industry Group
Industry Group, Industry and Subsector
Number of Establishments Average Number of Workers Annual Pay
Professional and Business Services 4,446 27,538 $42,273
  Professional, Scientific and Technical Services 2,664 11,129 $46,590
   Professional and Technical Services 2,664 11,129 $46,590
  Management of Companies and Enterprises 184 3,624 $88,752
   Management of Companies and Enterprises 184 3,624 $88,752
  Administration & Support, & Waste Management
      & Remediation Services
1,598 12,785 $25,339
   Administrative and Support Services 1,464 11,997 $24,866
   Waste Management and Remediation Services 134 789 $32,507
Totals may not add due to rounding.
Data subject to revision.
Produced by the Labor Market Information Center, South Dakota Department of Labor, in cooperation with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Professional, Scientific and Technical Services Industry
NAICS Sector 54

Establishments within the Professional, Scientific and Technical Services industry added 131 workers (1.2 percent) from 2009 to 2010 for a total annual average employment level of 11,129. This industry experienced an increase in annual pay of $1,818 (4.1 percent) for a new average of $46,590.

This industry sector includes a variety of establishments engaged in performing activities and services for the operations of other organizations or to the public, often on a project basis. Although this industry provides a wide range of services usually purchased by other firms, these services may also be provided to households. These services normally require a high degree of training and specialized expertise. Human capital is a major input in the delivery of these services. Establishments make available the knowledge and skills of their employees working on individual assignments or as teams assembled to deliver this service to customers. Thus, the establishments classified in this subsector sell expertise.

Some industries in this group have close ties to the goods sector, with construction, manufacturing and mining being among their most important clients. However, their clients also include governments and other industries in the service sector. Others have a more broadly based clientele, including both businesses and households as their customers.

Several establishments within the Professional, Scientific and Technical Services industry subsector (NAICS 541) experienced worker increases during 2010. The following industry groups all had increased worker levels from 2009 to 2010:

  • Architectural, Engineering and Related Services (NAICS 5413)
  • Management, Scientific and Technical Consulting Services (NAICS 5416)
  • Other Professional, Scientific and Technical Services (NAICS 5419)

An increase in the number of workers within the Architectural, Engineering and Related Services was mainly focused within engineering services. These establishments are primarily engaged in applying physical laws and principles of engineering in the design, development and utilization of machines, materials, instruments, structures, processes and systems.

Some of the gains in worker levels for Management, Scientific and Technical Consulting Services can be attributed to the advances in areas of wind and green energy technologies. Business and administrative management consulting services remain in demand as establishments seek operating advice and assistance.


Other Professional, Scientific and Technical Services, such as marketing research and public opinion research services, added workers during 2010. These firms are involved in a variety of activities, including systematically gathering, recording, tabulating and presenting marketing and public opinion data. Other establishments, such as consumer credit counseling services and pipeline or power line inspection (i.e., visual) services, showed upward growth in employment numbers.

The expertise provided within this sector includes a range of diverse industries including:

  • Accounting, Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, and Payroll Services (NAICS 5412)
  • Computer Systems Design and Related Services (NAICS 5415)
  • Scientific Research and Development Services (NAICS 5417)
  • Advertising, Public Relations and Related Services (NAICS 5418)

Although all of these industry groups suffered worker losses, the overall worker increases in the industry sector as a whole correlate to the continued consumer demand for the specialized services which it offers.

Professional and Business Services graph

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Management of Companies and Enterprises
NAICS Sector 55

Following a slight decline across the board last year, the Management of Companies and Enterprises sector rebounded with increases in establishments, workers and average annual pay in 2010. Establishments in this sector hold companies' securities for the purpose of owning a controlling interest or influencing management decisions. This sector also includes establishments that normally undertake the strategic or organizational planning and decision-making role on behalf of another company.

In 2010, this sector added four establishments and 322 workers, a 9.8 percent increase in employees. The sector once again preserved its status as South Dakota's highest-paying industry, as the average annual pay rose to $88,752, a 21.9 increase from last year. Annual pay for this sector tends to be substantially higher than other sectors because of the highly skilled occupations required for its establishments. A majority of the occupations in these establishments are high-level management positions.

Management of Companies and Enterprises graph

Administrative & Support, Waste Management & Remediation Services Industry
NAICS Sector 56

The average number of workers in the Administrative and Support, Waste Management and Remediation Services industry increased 3.1 percent from 2009 to 2010. Employment gains of 381 helped the industry recover to former levels, with an annual average of 12,785 in 2010. The annual pay for this sector increased $896 (3.7 percent) for an average of $25,339 in 2010.

The Administration and Support Services (NAICS 561) subsector had the greatest percentage of workers in this sector and was consequently responsible for all of the worker increases. Total worker gains of 393 equated to a 3.4 percent increase in 2010. Most of these workers were employed by businesses providing employment services, including Temporary Help Services (NAICS 5613), which includes manpower pools. With the economy showing signs of emerging out of the recession, temporary help agencies and labor pools, which normally provide businesses with supplemental staffing, are services which were once again in demand.

Workers losses were sustained within Business Support Services (5614), with a loss of 149 workers (3.7 percent). This industry group includes establishments engaged in performing ongoing and routine business support functions for businesses and organizations, which businesses had traditionally done internally. For example, telephone call centers are included in the business support services subsector. Establishments primarily engaged in collecting payments for claims and remitting payments collected to their clients are branded in business support services.

There were a couple of other discouraging losses within this subsector which counterbalanced the worker growth. The average number of workers decreased for establishments engaged in Office Administration Services (NAICS 5611). Business, medical and office management services all had worker declines in 2010. Establishments classified here are primarily engaged in providing a range of day-to-day office administrative services to assist in the operations of businesses. Travel Arrangement and Reservation Services (NAICS 5615) also decreased workers during 2010; these firms provide accommodation services to the general public.

The number of workers in the Waste Management and Remediation Services (NAICS 562) subsector dropped slightly (11 workers or 1.4 percent) for a 2010 average worker level of 789. The annual pay showed a gain of $976 (3.1 percent) for an annual average of $32,507. Establishments included in this subsector which showed worker losses collect, treat and dispose hazardous or nonhazardous waste materials. In addition, worker declines were felt among firms providing remediation and reclamation services to contaminated buildings and mine sites. Other waste management services which are primarily engaged in septic pumping and cleaning services showed modest worker growth.

Administrative Support graph

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