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Covered Workers & Annual Pay - 2011 Annual Summary

Information Industry Group

Businesses within the Information industry group distribute information and cultural products or process data.

South Dakota Covered Workers and Pay
Information Industry Group
Industry Group, Industry and Subsector
Number of Establishments Average Number of Workers Annual Pay
Information 551 6,383 $41,937
  Information 551 6,383 $41,937
   Publishing Industries, except Internet 150 1,649 $32,132
   Motion Picture and Sound Recording Industry 84 556 $12,062
   Broadcasting, except Internet 67 1,136 $34,879
   Telecommunications 187 2,930 $54,926
   Data Processing, Hosting and Related Services 38 90 $63,567
   Other Information Services (Internet Publishing) 25 23 $74,684
Totals may not add due to rounding.
Data subject to revision.
Produced by the Labor Market Information Center, South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation, in cooperation with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Information Sector
NAICS Sector 51

The Information industry sector lost 126 workers (1.9 percent) during 2011. This loss resulted in a worker level of 6,383 compared to a level of 6,509 in 2010. The average annual pay did increase, at a rate of 4.8 percent or $1,906. The 2011 annual pay for this sector was $41,937, which remained higher than the statewide average of $35,085.

The Information sector is composed of establishments engaged in publishing, Internet publishing, motion picture and sound recording, broadcasting, telecommunications, Internet service providers, data processing and all other information services. The 'information economy' of our world today includes both the concept of industries primarily producing, processing and distributing information, as well as the trend of industries using available information and information technology to increase productivity.

The Publishing subsector (NAICS 511) had an increase of nine establishments and a decrease of 58 workers during 2011. There continues to be controversy regarding print media versus electronic media, with the Internet proving to be a highly used news source in addition to, and for some in lieu of, traditional print media. Internet is also more cost efficient, which has contributed to this subsector having a decline in workers. This cultural turn of events has led to a steady decline in newspaper circulations across the country, which in turn impacts worker levels in this industry. The annual pay in this industry increased by 5.2 percent for a 2011 average of $32,132.

The Motion Picture and Sound Recording subsector (NAICS 512) had a decrease of 20 workers for 2011. The annual pay for this industry had a slight increase of 2.3 percent for a 2011 average of $12,062, compared to a 2010 average of $11,786. This low pay is indicative of a large number of part-time workers.

Broadcasting (except Internet) (NAICS 515) had a gain of six workers (0.5 percent) for a total of 1,136 workers for 2011. The number of establishments remained unchanged at 67. There was a 0.6 percent increase in annual pay for a 2011 average of $34,879 compared to $34,682 for 2010. This subsector includes radio, television, cable and other subscription programming.

The Telecommunications (NAICS 517) subsector had a decrease of 61 workers (2.0 percent) but had an increase in annual pay. The 2011 average pay was $54,926, which increased 5.2 percent over the 2010 pay of $52,219. Total average employment in this subsector was 2,930 for the year 2011. There was a decrease of 11 establishments from 2010.

The Data Processing, Hosting and Related Services (NAICS 518) subsector had an increase, showing an additional nine workers (11.1 percent), for a total annual average employment of 90 workers in 2011. The average annual pay for this subsector increased 12.7 percent for a 2011 average of $63,567 compared to an average of $56,392 in 2010. Industries in this subsector provide the infrastructure for hosting and/or data processing services.

The Other Information Services (NAICS 519) subsector had a decrease of two workers, or 8.0 percent. Annual pay increased in this subsector by $6,727 (9.9 percent) for a 2011 average of $74,684 compared to the 2010 average of $67,957. The main components of this subsector are news syndicates, libraries, archives, exclusive Internet publishing and/or broadcasting, and Web Search Portals.

Line graph comparing South Dakota covered worker levels in Information in 2010 and 2011

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