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Our workforce training mission is to provide support, education and training through coordinated partnerships and career pathways leading to sustainable employment and economic self-sufficiency for individuals and a skilled workforce for businesses.

For those eligible and committed to improving your employment future, the Workforce Training program may be for you. The Workforce Training program can assist with paid work experiences related to your field of study, guidance for success in post-secondary school, and financial supports as appropriate.

View a video of workforce training successes on the DLR YouTube channel.

Click here to view a video of workforce training successes on the DLR YouTube channel.

Education and Job Training Opportunities
Career Exploration Opportunities
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Education and Job Training Opportunities

As your workforce experts, the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation (DLR) offers a vast variety of training and education programs to help ensure employers have the skilled workforce needed and to help individuals realize their potential as employees.

DLR is prepared to adapt and customize its education and job training programs to meet the needs of participants and the changing demands of employers.

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Customized Skill Training offers participants classroom and on-site instruction in high demand occupations. Training is customized using a high level of business involvement. Businesses are asked to sponsor the training, provide input into curriculum design, establish participant screening requirements and commit to hiring participants who complete the required training. Recent skill-training classes have trained clerical workers, welders, truck drivers, casino workers and computer operators.

On-The-Job Training (OJT) provides an opportunity for individuals who may be lacking job skills to get them. This program provides businesses an opportunity to train workers in the specific skills, methods and work habits used in their establishment. Participants earn wages while they're being trained, and then remain employed in a permanent job once their training is completed. A training agreement is negotiated to outline the responsibilities of the business, the participant and the Department of Labor and Regulation.

Downsizing can also be addressed through job training programs. Occasionally, economic conditions force businesses into the uncomfortable position of having to lay off workers or close a plant. But the dislocated worker program can help by providing counseling and retraining service to the workers who lose their jobs. The program offers a rapid response team to handle specific dislocation projects and outreach efforts. Local Department of Labor and Regulation offices and Career Learning Centers can also provide help for individual dislocated workers. Such assistance includes early readjustment services, basic readjustment services and retraining programs. The program helps workers manage a smooth transition to other gainful employment.

By training participants for jobs with advancement possibilities, Workforce Training Opportunities help adults and youth overcome employment barriers and gain skills in order to find jobs and increase their earnings.

Workforce Training Opportunities works with those who:

  • have lost their jobs because of shifts in the economy or changing consumer demands.
  • need to learn new technologies to find a good job.
  • are determined to make the break from public assistance and support themselves and their families.

Working with you, a plan will be designed to allow full use of the available services, such as:

  • Employment counseling to help you learn about jobs and what career opportunities may exist for you with the right education and training.
  • Job-search coaching so you can:
    • write a resume and job applications that show off your skills
    • prepare appropriate answers to interview questions
    • learn the best ways to follow up with job contacts
  • Training opportunities with local employers, community training programs, technical institutes, etc.

Workforce training services are for individuals needing extra assistance to obtain and maintain training and employment. Priority is given to those who belong to families that can't afford to pay for advanced training. However, Workforce training is not an entitlement program, and selection for participation is also based on your individual education and employment needs, interests, abilities and motivation.

Career Exploration Opportunities

Put on by universities and technical institutes with help from the private sector, Career Camps are geared toward middle school and high school students. The camps are typically day-long events where students learn about specific careers by hearing from professionals and participating in hands-on activities. The types of camps include agriculture, business, engineering, health care, information technology, and trade and technical. To learn more about career camps, visit

Health Occupations for Today and Tomorrow (HOTT) focuses on health career information and opportunities for South Dakota students at all grade levels.

Scrubs Camps are one day, hands-on opportunities for high school students and are designed to increase awareness, interest and an understanding of health careers available in South Dakota.

Print Resources

Download print resources (Adobe .pdf format*) for information on opportunities available to individuals from the Department of Labor and Regulation:

Helping You Meet Your Workforce Needs brochure
"Let us help you unlock your potential" flyer
Occupational Profiles: High-Demand, High-Wage
South Dakota's targeted high-demand, high-wage occupations for
"We'd like to introduce you to a great opportunity: Workforce
   Training Programs"
Workforce Training Means Opportunity brochure

How to Learn More About Opportunities and Eligibility

To learn more about education and job training services available and eligibility requirements, visit your local Department of Labor and Regulation office.

Workforce training programs and activities are equal opportunity programs, and auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

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